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Referral Not Working?

I provided my link to three friends who all registered with my URL. I am 100% sure of this. 

My refer statistics says I only have 1 Unpaid Referral and 2 visits with a 50% conversion rate. 

What is up with that? Am I going to get credited properly? I have more friends I want to share this game with but I don't want to do it if the referral page doesn't even work properly.


  • I saw in another thread how to submit a support ticket.

    My referral clicked my link but I can't see it. This is what pops up when you click support.
    Unfortunately, our current system does not allow us to track referrals beyond what you see yourself. As a result, we also do not have any way to manually fix a referral if it did not process. Please note that we know for sure that if the referral uses an ad blocker or cookie blocker on their browser, the referral will not track. Additionally, if a user clicks off the Ashes of Creation website and comes back more than 24 hours later, the referral will not process. 

    If this is an issue, why is it not made explicitly clear on the referral page that these conditions will prevent the referral from working. The referral benefits are huge and honestly, it seems extremely shady to not mention this information up front.

    I discovered this and started getting hyped on it - watched videos and started to tell my friends. I honestly feel a bit cheated over this. I shared the game with 3 other people, already, who wouldn't have otherwise known about it. I have more people in my guild who I planned on inviting.

    If this can't be resolved, I'll probably move on with my friends & guild.


  • Hi @KayBe87

    Sorry for your problems. Did you raise a support ticket? We can only address forum related issues here. To get your problem resolved follow these steps:

    Your ticket should be answered within a week. There is a slight backlog at present following PAX however so it may take slightly longer.
  • I did end up submitting a ticket about it.
  • Great. Hoping you hear back from Intrepid soon. <3
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