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Streamer looking for guild!

Hey guys,

I am a partnered streamer on twitch who is looking for a guild. I have loved mmorpgs since I started playing Dark Age of Camelot in 2001. I have done end game pve and pvp in many different mmos. I am a super chill good vibe dude looking for a mature community. Please have plenty of people live afternoons in North America. Must be accepting of new members, because my viewers will be looking to join as well I'm sure!

Thanks for checking me out!


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    edited April 2018
    Welcome to AOC.  Shot you a message.  :)

  • Welcome to AoC! you've got mail!
  • Welcome to the community. Why don't you tell us what you are looking for in a guild rather then just blindly getting messages? Then if we know what you are looking for the proper guild might try to recruit you.
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