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This has likely been discussed but my bet is that more than a few game supporters might be fairly accomplished artists.

Is there any way that some of that talent might be utilized for game development?  Even a well done axe or room fixtures might be of some help easing the burden on the development staff.

Having been in IT for almost 40 years and with just enough legal knowledge from a "for myself" IT centered MBA to be dangerous, I know that it might run the risk of legal entanglements but if submissions were limited to mundane items or even mundane items modified to fit the overall artistic feel of the game it should pretty much prevent such issues.  I can visualize someone getting the litigious itch over a superbly done armor scheme but not over a well done set of tools as an example.

Just a thought.



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    Hi there,

    So, the issue actually isn't legal; there are lots of standardized waivers for things like this to bypass such issues.

    There are two main issues:
    1. Uniformity -
        It's extremely important that assets which belong to a world all look like they belong in the -same- world.  Just because an artist is very capable does not mean they are able to adequately represent a particular aesthetic style. Quality control therefore becomes very difficult.  Which leads us to

    2. Incentive -
    What incentive would Intrepid have to involve the community in this way? Sure, a contribution could save a day or two of art conceptualization, but look what they would need in exchange:
    -customer service support to streamline and collect submissions,
    -a quality assurance pipeline to check all submissions for uniformity, appropriateness, original content vs. plagiarized submissions, etc.
    -time spent addressing community concerns and complaints about why certain submissions were chosen over others.,

    Overall, taking in submissions would not be a help to Intrepid; it would be a tremendous favor by them to entertain the community, while in all liklihood compromising their own quality.

    Note that content contribution was included in the highest tier levels of the Kickstarter.  If you really wanted to submit something for the game, you had to be willing to pay $5,000 or so, and that's for one asset, per person.

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