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Block or aesthetic shields?

A very quick one (I hope) for the devs/those who played at PAX.
Are shields there just for aesthetics or can you actually block with them?
Personally: hate aesthetic shields in games, makes them feel worthless.


  • Fantastic, ty!
  • This is where i would like to see in game physics shine. Will parry and blocking be a button you press or does it happen when an attack strikes your shield or weapon? personally i prefer the latter and depending on the weight of attack, i'd like to see my character take a step backwards if blocking something heavy.
  • From the last PAX we have confirmation that the animators have come leaps and bounds beyond what the placeholder animations so far have shown. They have cracked stuff like characters standing on two different steps on stairs having correct feet placement, independent torso twisting that shows what you're aiming at vs movement direction and others. Since combat animations are of even higher priority than quality of life animations, you can bet it is being worked on to make it all shiny and have heft and feel. It is a wait and see till they release that build.
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