Hello all, got to try at PAX East 2018

I hadn't really heard of this game before PAX East and thought "Well, there are a lot of people in this line, I should check it out at some point." I got in line with a friend and was given a rundown of what the game was about as well as got to play the PvE demo. I became incredibly interested in the idea of the node system/in game political development and really wanted to get involved after that.

I've always wanted to be involved more heavily in a gaming community but never found the right avenue to pursue to do that, so I'm hoping I find that opportunity here. I grabbed the Expeditionary pack, some skins, a hoodie, and a healthy level of hype. I'd definitely like to find myself move involved in this game than I have other games previously and am looking forward to what the coming months/years have to offer.


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