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Content creation competitions!!!

 Hello!!! Thank you for visiting my post!!!

  I would like to suggest content creation competition events!!! Considering this game is quite literally a gamer's (Steven's) dream, why not add content directly from the players that patiently await the games release.

You can hold any manner of competition with the judges being the development team heads over that specified area. Such as a competition making a quest, or perhaps an item, maybe even an NPC. And after a specified amount of time a winner would be chosen and their idea implemented in the game. The winner would also get some manner of prize.


  • I think i suggested this earlier or maybe i just thought of it and never actually posted. Ive been meaning to create some art but haven't gotten the time to because of exams. I wouldn't mind a competing but i'd love to see my art featured in game if i ever do get around to making it
  • Yeah, nowadays, this is one of the best ways to build a community. Creating and sharing art shares interest with new people unfamiliar with the subject.

    I'd love to see the development team create meaningful ways where art can be showcased to show the passion behind this project!
  • I'm down for it, I enjoy making content.

  • It's a good idea, and it gives Intrepid a way to outsource ideas for future content.
    Perhaps even designing bosses or mobs if you are artistically inclined. 

  • I like the idea of Community Events to design cosmetic items and such.
    I feel like, if someone designs a cosmetic item and it makes it into the game, the creator should get it for free. :)
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