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Will there be 2 factor Authentication for account security

I don't see any way to secure my account other then password. We now have the option too buy the game on an account but no way to secure it with 2fa or security questions. If my account gets hacked how do I prove the account is mine?


  • The short answer is we do not know yet 
  • I hope it's not tied to phones. I can't afford one. =(
  • IF implemented it will by a voluntary option to be sure. They don't want another fiasco like they had with Kickstarter and Paypal. Trying to limit who can access and play their game by requiring a smartphone would be one such gaffe. I am like @AreeSoothsayer in that I don't have a smartphone, just the old flip style. Not because I can't afford it, but because I see no reason to have one. Someone calls me on my phone maybe twice a year, never saw a reason to change that service. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice and access.
  • They,could do like,blizzard give options for a 2fa solution...physical rsa token OR authenticator phone app.
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