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Release on PS4?

I have searched the forums and website for an answer to this, to no avail. I understand that this will initially be a PC release, but as ESO and other current MMO's have shown, the console is becoming a viable medium for MMOS. As someone who has moved away from High end PC gaming, and now owns a PS4 Pro, I believe that system to be powerful enough to run the Unreal Engine 4 with no issues. So here is hoping, subscription, free to play or buy to play (like ESO), I dont care, I am keen for it.

Heres hoping,

Even if its PC initially and then later on, when it becomes a worldwide hit, to release it then would be awesome!


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    I'd be ok with other consoles being able to play as long as it was cross-server stuff lol. I doubt we'll see PS4 or XBone for years, if ever, though lol.
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    I highly doubt it will be cross platform at launch. Most of these indie titles do not have the resources for that however like @PlasticLemons mentioned I really hope that if they release a console version that they play on the same servers similar to how Final Fantasy XIV does it. I play The Elder Scrolls Online exclusively at this point and the gaming community that I have built around my podcasts is quite large but one of the worst parts is that they separate the console players from each other and PC users so if someone is a fan of a show and want to play with me but play on a console they cannot because we are separated.

    Now I know there is some "politics" with the consoles and I know Microsoft doesn't like to play well with Sony and they like to stay separate but hopefully in the new few years they will change their outlook.
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    If you are playing with a controller you have to put massive CD times in your combat slowing down combat. Look at FFXIV, yes I play FFXIV. The Combat is slower because of Controllers when I can push a single button faster on a keyboard than switching between 2 or 3 different controller Key Sets.
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    It all depends on if they limit our skill set or not. ESO doesnt lower its combat because of controllers.
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    The answer is simply a resounding no.
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    this is a response from a intrepid team member.

    Jason Moderator December 9, 2016 at 11:50 pm #674

    Making an MMO for a console is a difficult undertaking. I am open to the idea for future development, but at the moment, the team is focused on targeting Windows in particular. That said, we are specifically writing code to be cross-platform-capable, with Windows-specific functionality being modularly loaded at compile time, that way if we do decide to build for XBOne, PS4, or any of the other platforms that UE4 supports, we will have significantly less code that needs to be refactored to support building for the new target platform.
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    Regardless if it comes out for xbox one or not i'll just get it for pc but i would love it for xbox one ^.^ i wish you luck with the development of the game.
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