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A Few Feature Hopes

Faction/Node/City Based Armor and Tabards
It would be pretty neat to be able to as a leader of a node, design and issue tabards for players to represent their loyalties/pride with as wow does with horde or alliance factions, but it would be base only the nodes/cities/factions the players themselves form and run. Funds for their sells cold even go to the owner to help fund the city's budget.

Also, the same being possible for armor would be amazing. One of my favorite things in World of Warcraft has been the faction pvp sets of armor and weapons. If the owners of these places could design their own out of certain changing parts and variables/coloring/textures/patterns and so on to make a really impressive and unique to faction visual. It would be pretty badass and help support the immersive role play/pride/ and faction friction. Even if it was only a cosmetic skin you could apply when you felt like representing and did not mind having the same look as others.

Imagine being a band of similarly armored people of a faction speaking about how great they are before mounting a siege on their foe, seems pretty cool to me at least. Instead of just a bunch of randomly armored people.

Idk, just a thought.

PVPVE Scenarios ( Like Alterac Valley from WoW) 
 Literally my favorite thing to do in vanilla wow is to play alterac valley, that is when it was good at least. When it actually took a long time and had you do pve things on the regular to be able to better win or perform in pvp itself better.

Loved doing both pve and pvp in one setup.

If they were able to implement a variation as good as it at its prime in AoC, with its own little twist of itself; It would absolutely rock. As long as it is not taking from the other aspects of the game.

These could be smaller practice game scenarios that you could participate in between major events like castle sieges, or whatever daily life activities you participated in. 3/4-1/2 the size of alteric valley and players. Generally a slightly more condensed version to make it fit the other pvp arena's and junk.

I mean even a capture the flag and king of hill like Wow would be great in the form of their worlds variation of sports/training . Hmm.


  • Neat, I just hope that the designing of unique tabards/armor extends to the city management itself also not just guilds within it. Having ability for all guilds supporting the city to put on a united front of sorts.
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