Greetings, glorious adventurers! If you're joining in our Alpha One spot testing, please follow the steps here to see all the latest test info on our forums and Discord!

[NA] [PVX] Focus Gaming Community Chill, Laid back Players 14 years running

Most of our main players from BDO, Revelation Tera, and past games are doing well and waiting for Ashes of Creation but bored out of there minds in either BDO, Revelation, or now Bless JP, so we decided to try out AoC for fun and laughs. We will not have our past rules or requirements other than to just have fun and play as hard as you can. Help out others in the guild and the server for Realm Vs Realm. Most of us play 5 hours or more a day so we can keep up guild activity and buildings easy and also stay in place with the top guilds and still easily place in the top ranks without any pressure on you as a player so come join us for fun and progression.

This is a new structure and guild model to our normal one. We are not going to use spread sheets for tracking everyone so please keep that in mind. We will have info about you but no one in guild will be forced into doing alot of work as we all want to play and not be bothered by the workload as leaders and officers.

You govern yourself so just be respectuful to others and your good to go.

There is only 150 of us so far so be patient. More will come from our gaming community once the CBT's come out so we are kinda small right now but in Revelation our last game we had a active roster of almost 200 daily online for 6+ hours a day. We hope we get more of that turn out for AoC.

We are a NA, EU, INDO guild with players from various parts of the world so you can easily fit in.

Our partner, Discord, is main voice coms:
Website to register after your in discord:
If you want in jump in discord and pm either myself (Vesentry), Raven, or TwisteD to tag you up with permissions and to join.
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