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Chilly's Tavern - May Ashes of Creation Pack Giveaway

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🐧     Chilly's Tavern - Ashes Of Creation Pack Giveaway    🐧

A great many players have said they do not own a "Pack" sooo.
1. I will be hosting a free giveaway Pack this month
2. Just come to Chillys Tavern Discord to enter the drawing
3. It is not clickbait - no fee - no forms - no likes to click - nothing paid!
4. The Wayfarer pack is on the hook - but if more people show up the pack grows!
5. I will go as far as an Intrepid pack
6. Door prizes too! 
7. Attendance required!

I will announce the day a week early - invite everyone drive that pack upgrade!!!
So stop on by Chilly's Tavern Discord -


The Big Giveaway happens tomorrow at 3:00pm PST Wednesday May 30th!!!
All patrons must be online in #🍺the-tavern🍻 to be eligible
The selected winner must DM Chilly within 60s to claim the prize
The current big prize is an Ashes of Creation Voyager Pack!!!!

@Roska was the big winner for May!!!!!


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