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AoC app ideas

After hearing that Ashes of Creation with have an app associated with the game that will in some way be linked to your character/ server I immediately got excited. I started thinking of many different ideas of how this system could work and would like to share some with you guys and gals.

 General messaging app for in-game friends and guildies.

 Character tracker experience, items, currency, character location and world news.

 An idea I was having fun with would be if you could have some interactivity with your mounts and in-game pets. In Grand theft auto 5, you could train your dog to be more obedient in the real-world GTA app. Imagine in Ashes of Creation if you could do something similar and have a Tamagotchi style mini-game to bond with your pets/ mounts. Based on how you interact with these virtual pets in-app you unlock different animations for them in the game and even change how they interact with you.


  • Well, Steven mentioned managing your farm's crop rotations through the app today in the podcast. They could maybe have something similar for the husbandry system. :)

    One idea for an unofficial app is something like the old website SWG harvesters used where we could submit our resource surveys to a collective map showing all other users' surveyed spawns.  It allowed us as a community to keep track of current resource locations, their qualities and characteristics, and the time of discovery so as to plan when the area might need to be surveyed again.
  • The very idea of having an app that allows to engage in the game is great, I would really like if we were able to do things like manage player stores (put up the items for sale), auctions etc :3
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    From a personal management perspective I have my concerns personally accessible info will be shared.
    From a shared management perspective I think it would be a disaster.
    It would make regional and local info into a global asset and create a global information system via the backdoor outside of game. Who needs a global auction house in game, if you can track from outside and buy inside and pool that knowledge like wikis do about chest locations and such.

    I so wish information would be great again.
    It can not be great if shared with ease.
    IMHO Info needs to be on a need to know basis and careless 3rd party access removes all control over that.
  • I think the app will be real good add to the game. I see two places where to use it.
    1. Guild management tool. Sending messages, updating guild event calendar, approving joining requests, changing permissios and stuff like that. It will help a lot guild management when you can do it from offline too.
    2. Invidual life skill tool. Tool to help manage professions, messages, trading, personal shops, chests.. And ofc not entirely, but some minor stuff. 
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