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Crafting Systems

Does anyone know how the crafting will be designed, if it will be class or skill based. Will I be able to craft apart from my adventuring and will I be able to craft exclusively and still be successful if that's what I want to do?

A couple of games have done a decent job at making crafting rewarding. It's hard to balance I would bet. You don't want people who end game pvp to feel like they have to craft but you also don't want your crafters to feel like they are making useless garbage which is what happens with 99% of everything a crafter can make at the end game for almost every current mmo save for a couple.

Final Fantasy made classes for it which I thought was absolutely perfect. It was a time sink but the crafting was fairly rewarding late game. It gave you a good income and it gave you a couple useful abilities as perks. 

The idea of setting up a house on the side of a mountain and having a foundry and a smithy on site sounds really amazing to me. Not sure if it will be a thing but since it seems like I can set up a house anywhere I'd like to think that's the case. And if that's the case can I really just be a crafter? Would be a nice change of pace where I could go over board on crafting and use my quality crafts to make leveling easier. Instead of the normal grind to level cap as fast as humanly possible.

Will crafting have any perks besides the obvious benefit of having a crafting skill? Will my personal armor get a bonus if I crafted it myself, will my raised horses be better with me on them, etc...?

A bigger concern would be can I be all the crafts on just one character if I put in the time? I really don't want to have to have 6-10 characters just so they can craft. It's a really annoying, archaic system. 

Sorry it was a bit long winded, my friends and I were wanting a game with exceptional crafting and as far as the market goes atm there isn't anything that we think is really GOOD. The criteria being, good end game usefulness, time consuming but rewarding, and a crafting system that has some reward for actually learning and investing time into it. So regardless of your craft level, knowing the system in and of itself makes it easier, more fun, and rewarding to do.

Thanks for anyone who has specific answers and it would be nice to hear more from peopel who love crafting. 


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    I'll go over a few things we do know about crafting real quick.

    There will be artisan classes, they will be split in to three types - gathering, processing and crafting - each type having several different classes to pick from.

    An example may be that an ore miner (gatherer) mines the ore, hands it over to a smelter (processor) who processes it in to bars, who then passes it on to a smith (crafter) who turns it in to useful items.

    One character can not be all three of these, though it is possible to be the gatherer and processor.

    The idea with this system isn't so that players will have multiple characters to craft with, it is so players will rely on other players for their crafting - just as most do for adventuring.

    The best items in Ashes will require crafters to make them, but will also require specific drops from bosses and such.

    You should be able to set yourself up with a freehold near a mountain, with a furnace and smelter for your own use, however, there are a few points to be aware of.

    First, that freehold needs to be set up within the zone of influence of the node you are a citizen of.

    Second, eventually, the resources you set yourself up beside will run out - when this happens they will reappear somewhere, but it could be anywhere in the world and the world will be 30 times the size of Skyrim.

    Third, while you will generally be immune to PvP on your freehold (I believe), if the node you are a citizen of loses a siege, you - and your freehold - will be open to being attacked. Additionally, if your node is de-leveled to a point where your freehold is no longer within it's zone of control, it will be removed (you will not actually lose anything contained in your freehold, when you place it down again in a valid area it will have everything you left on it).

    The idea with Ashes is that the game is never static. All of the above is designed around requiring players to eventually have to uproot and move on. As long as you go in knowing that - and are able to handle change, the above need not worry you too much and could well make for a more enjoyable overall game.

    Being a crafter gives you no perks other than the ability to make items. If you make a sword, it is the same sword whether you use it or I use it. However, there is to be a fairly large degree of flexibility as to the stats of crafted items, so you could tailor make a sword to fit you.

    We don't currently know if players will need to grind out levels on essentially scrap items like has been the case in many games. We currently have no information at all on the leveling process of crafters or processors - though gatherers gain experience as one would expect.

    A few other points to make...

    Crafting will rely heavily on the caravan system. Unlike other games, it will not be possible to load your inventory up with 20 stacks of ore, each with 100 ore. You will only be able to carry a reasonable weight on you, and so will need to use caravans in order to transport large amounts of materials or goods anywhere.

    It is viable to be a pure crafter, though in this game that could well mean more than simply crafting. Trading, politics and market manipulation all fall in to what a "crafter" can do. Also the fact that you need to rely on caravans (and the fact that a successful node siege could cause you problems) makes it more practical to be at least proficient in combat, even if not required.

    Items gain durability damage from use, and crafters are able to provide repair services.

    Not all aspects of crafting are unlocked automatically as you level, joining social organizations (akin to ESO's Thieves Guild, Mages Guild etc) may be essential to being the best crafter you can.

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