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Can't log onto forums on iOS

I can view the forums from my iPhone (which is an iPhone X, and I'm running the latest iOS which is 11.3.1).  I can log into the Ashes of Creation web site itself just fine.  But when I'm browsing the forums on my phone I can't create any posts because it says I have to log in.  When I attempt to log in, it takes me out of the forum site and takes me to the regular Ashes of Creation web site, and to my account page there.  The log in option in Safari on iOS is basically broken.  There are times that I'd love to post on the forums when away from my computer but I am unable to do so.  I don't see anything in this forum or the FAQs discussing this so I thought I would report it.

Essentially it works like this...

1) On my phone I go to:
2) I tap the "Sign In" link.
3) I am taken to:

That link (written above exactly as it appears in Safari) just shows my account avatar and underneath it a link to "Your account" and "Logout".  Nothing that gives me an option to log into the forum.  But it shows that I'm logged into the main Ashes of Creation site.  If I return to the forums, it still gives me the option to log in and I can't post anything.  Hopefully this can get to whoever works on the mobile version of these forums because essentially you can't post to them from an iPhone.  I'm not sure about other mobile platforms.


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    I have alerted the Intrepid team to take a look.

    thank you,
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    Just an update, not sure when the changes were made but I can now post from an iPhone (this post is from my phone).  No forum login problems anymore.  Thanks to whoever fixed it!
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