Forest of Torment

Is anyone here good at drawing beautiful elves that can draw this for me?

   A once beautiful elven tree singer, Tiara has been corrupted by the darkness that befell Verra long ago. While many of her kind escaped through the great portals, Tiara could not bring herself to leave her beloved trees. Now she has become a twisted entity - a half elf and half ent abomination that haunts the forest that was once known as the Woods of Tranquility but now known as the Forest o Torment. A forest plagued by undead elves and corrupted ents. A dark and dead place wherein nothing grows and no sunlight ever touches. Though what little light remains inside Tiara allows greenery to survive upon her crown of leaves.
 - Tiara the Heart of the Forest >> The boss of a dungeon known as the Forest of Torment.

So can my mystery artist draw a beautiful elf with golden hair in a braid coming down on one side to her shoulder and fair skin. Her torso is covered with vines and leaves but her arms are long branches with claw like features for hands that have become a dark brown due to blood stains from her victims. everything below her torso is more akin to tree than person - Preferably if she didnt have legs at all but wore the tree part of her like a dress and uses the roots of the tree to move around. And don't forget her crown of cleaves. Basically make her face beautiful and the tree parts of her as grotesque as possible.
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