Puaka - In honor of Bacon

As a leader of men, I hereby name my NPC as Puaka (or Bacon). I trust this Nikua is yet on an undiscovered Island and offers a Nikua quest & simple recipe trade line. My vote. Skafftaruss. 


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    First, this is fiction and in no way represents Intrepid Studios. Michael Bacon is beloved among his fan base. Today on twitch at the Boston PAX East – Nothing but goodness. So, what might be one way for Bacon to incorporate his lore in Verra.  How about an Island with a statue named Puaka (Tongan for Bacon).  Mayor of his village made of thatched huts where he lives in the grandest on the island with the echolalia and Hawaiian song in the background.  And on his island are war boars – good eating, but if tamed make great guard pets or even flaming war pigs if required.  And what happens if you group three or more Nikua in Verra?  Why a Nikua synchronized war dance of course.  In summary, imagine Bacon as Nikua, preparing for battle doing a war dance with his fellow islanders (see link below). Just Saying.


    What race should Michael Bacon adopt as his main in Verra and why?

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    As much as I do love Bacon, I don't think enough people would get the reference without explanation. 
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