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Ashes Community Podcast #024

Hey my fellow Community Members,

Almost a year ago now, i was throwing around the idea of a podcast. But not for Ashes of Creation but rather for the community around the game. And now on the 12th of May it will has been exactly one year, to celebrate Steven Sharif will join us for this special episode as well as community members Okie, Truth Eternal and Greypelt.

The date for the podcast will be 12/05/2018  @ 6 AM CEST live on Twitch and Youtube

We will take Chat questions, so feel free to send in as many questions as you want, or send them directly to our host BCG - Lord of Salt#3548.

and as always:

Want to be on the podcast? Click right here:

Do you have a question for the podcast? Click right here:

We will stream the Podcast live here:

You will also be able to rewatch the podcasts right here:


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