Crafting and Professions

Just to be clear whats the difference between the 2? Since theres a limit in the craft skill tree im a bit confused. Under professions i'd put things like fishing, sailing or even city council member-basically jobs or pastimes. For crafts i'd put gathering/processing, alchemy, blacksmithing. It'd suck if it was all the same and i want to be a master blacksmith but also want to fish in my spare time but i can't have both because i ran out of skill points.

A different question: Can alchemists also make poisons and enhancement drugs and not just be limited to potions. Also will there be apothecaries in the game? They'd make for good business partners for an alchemist.
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    From my own limited knowledge, the two are one and the same. People just keep using them interchangeably. 

    Professions are broken into three categories: gathering, processing, and crafting. We'll have three profession skill points that we can divvy up between the trio, so you'll have to place your points in whatever way you wish to explore. A master gatherer, processor, or crafter will likely need all three points in one category to hit their peak capabilities. It's all about choosing how you want to progress. Everyone can't be the best at everything.

    As for your second set of questions, I'm afraid I don't know enough to answer.

    Hope this helps, though.
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    Going off the wiki, it doesn't quite work like that.

    The three Artisan classes are Gathering, Processing, and Crafting. You can choose to work on all three, but its going to be a big time sink to do that. 

    From there, you gain skills such as Alchemy and Blacksmithing, but they don't appear to be mutually exclusive. You should be able to fish in your spare time, you just might not get very good at it quickly if you only do it super casually. 

    Seems to me like you can, theoretically, delve into & eventually master all of these subprofessions but the time investment would be bordering on the obscene. That said...if you play FFXIV becoming an "omni-crafter" is regarded as a massive time/$ investment but isn't actually out of the reach of anyone.

    Just guessing here, but I imagine setting up a core craft->refine->produce gameplay loop that allows you to do all of that by yourself for one (1) crafting profession would be at about the same time investment of leveling all crafters to 70 in ffxiv (Months+), while actually become proficient in Every crafting, gathering, and processing profession available would require 24/7 play for a long ass time.

    As for the alchemy questions...those sorts of things are usually alchemy crafts. Whether they're relevant to gameplay is a separate thing. And yes, players can open their own shops and sell whatever. Assuming potions are useful, an apothecary-esque shop will probably pop up.

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    Crafting is the production profession... profession is used to describe all of the artisan classes (gathering profession, processing profession, crafting profession).

    EDIT: Also each tier in the artisan trees cost the same amount of points so if you want to fish (a gathering profession) You'd start investing points into the gathering (I'm assuming certain branches would benefit specific gathering professions over others), each tier would cost more and require a certain amount of points in the previous tier. So if you wanted to be a great fisher, you'd focus on that all the way up to the top tier. If you wanted to do that and also cook (a crafting profession), then you'd have to split those points between the two. I'm not sure if there is a cap on artisan points but I am sure that getting to top tier in one would be enough points to probably only get you half way through two trees.
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    Professions are like jobs and crafting-type jobs are a part of that so like blacksmith or tailor would be craftsmen but a fisherman job would still be a profession.
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    Bummer. I hope they give us some spare points beyond mastering one craft. that way i can put some into gathering and fish on some spare time
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