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Inventory - A Tale of Tragedy

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edited May 2018 in Fan Stories
I was walking along the way,
Along the road, then down the path,
to pick flowers, critters, and whatever I may,
all to further develop my craft.

I found them I did,
Shrooms and Worts, Gems and Orchids.
And then I spotted what lay hid,
A valuable pooffball, a kitty Una'kai'id.

What luck my Goddess has bestowed!
The little Una'kai'id, my backpack was stowed.
I marveled and dreamed at how it will have oneday grown,
but my joy tempered, should I have know...

And still my foraging continued!
The creature - alive, happy, and well.
With many more items to be found and picked.
Each time saying a prayer of thanks and a wish of good will.
Glory and fulfillment for each item was destined.

Long were the hours, and heavy became the pack.
When I spotted a vein of fire gems, I knew their worth.
Compared to them, few items stack.
Gather I did, enough to fill my my girth.

The pack was emptied and filled with greed.
And what woe was I, the guilt will never cease,
The critter, full of life,
but, twas unavoidable fate, a certain deed,
My inventory had no option to "release".
Poor critter dropped and destroyed, and end to her life.

Please allow me to release my unwanted creatures :'(:'(:'(
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