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In search of a guild!

Hey everyone. I’m posting this in hopes of finding a guild I can call home and grow with before, during, and after AoC development. I’ll get straight to the point about what I’m looking for in a guild.

I’ve been a diehard MMORPG player since I could remember. Just got back recently into the genre and heard about this game being developed and I’m liking how the flow is going.

I’m a pretty hardcore PvE type of person and capable of grinding monsters, dungeons or raids all day, lol. I’m the type to see achievement and happiness in getting something that I’ve wanted and worked hard for. As for PvP.. just a bit to be honest. I’m alright with doing sieges and whatnot but it’s really not my go to kind of thing. Not saying I won’t PvP if it does come to it but ill try to steer away as I can. If it’s stuff like arena kind of thing then yeah, maybe. I’ve done a fair share of research of what has been shared about the game and right now i’m in between being a crafter or gatherer. 

As for my class, I’m very indecisive and will probably wait till more information is put out about each class but right now I’m the type of person to play a mid-far range DPS type.

I will be playing NA servers. 

One of my main concern is my time zone, which is HST (Hawaii). I have always had a problem with doing group/guild events because of that; so if anyone could accommodate it would be cool. 

So yeah, PM me and I can talk more. Thanks for reading!


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