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Required Computer & Carrier Capabilities

Greetings. I am looking to buy a new laptop with graphics card specifically to play Ashes of Creation. I also have a standard Wi-Fi pipeline. Given all the changes in regulation as well as a decent on-line graphics card, what will be the minimum, average, and excellent requirements for laptop computers?  What is the desirable US rate of information for commercial carriers?  This kind of information is on most 'out of the box' disclosures. What do you recommend for both a laptop and carrier service? Thanks. Skafftaruss. 

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    I can't say in regards to the requirements however I did want to offer you a cautionary tale regarding laptops and gaming. For years I gamed on a normal tower PC and had very few hardware problems. My issues up until that were just focused on software problems and a need to upgrade from time to time.

    Back in 2011 my life was changing. I had just become a parent and my family and I were moving a lot. For a sense of convenience I decided to buy a gaming laptop from Alienware. The price was very expensive when compared to an equally powerful tower PC. What I didn't realize at the time was that gaming laptops have a huge problem with heat and added wear and tear on their components. Within three months my graphics card had burned out from my excessive gaming sessions on it and even with repairs it again failed on me six months later. I sunk a lot of money into that laptop (and I still have it to this day). However now I use it for normal computer stuff... email, surfing the web, writing and so forth. The graphics card once again failed on me and so I've been relegated to my Xbox One as I no longer have a decent enough gaming PC (being a parent tends to limit your gaming budget lol).

    I'm in the market to buy another PC in the next two years just to play AoC myself. Personally I'm going back to tower PCs. They are cheaper and last a lot longer in most cases. I wouldn't recommend getting a laptop PC unless you had an essential need for mobility. Beyond that having all those components squished together isn't really worth the extra cost.
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