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The Black Hand (PvP PvE Crafting)

Name: The Black Hand
Location:  North America (Primarily but not restricted to)
Leader: Charlie Chaos
Focus: PvE PvP Crafting

Website: Coming Soon 
Discord: Black Hand Gaming
Requirements: Discord, English speaking

Black Hand Gaming Merch - Jersey

Useful Links:

Black Hand Gaming in Social Media:


We are a guild which traces its roots all the way back to Ultima Online. We have been in various MMO but was not always flying the Black Hand banner. Some of our more notable moments were having the 3rd Battle Keep in AoC as well as leading the first Pirate Port Victory and taking the first SoL in PoTBS as well as owning a castle in Lineage 2 and multiple islands in Dragons Prophets. We are not elitist and welcome everyone from the loan wolf to the group of friends looking for a home. If you are the weekend warrior or the hardcore power gamer there is a place for everyone. We are a USA based English speaking guild but welcome members to join from any place in the world. We will be PvE and PvP oriented so if you are looking for a group who will help its members have fun give us a msg.


  • Don't be a Di.... Jerk (Number one rule. It is a game lets have fun) 
  • Guild and its members come first. (We are as strong as our weakest link)
  • We will be structured and well organized
We try to create a friendly environment for all members. We plan to be competitive but welcome all members no matter how much or how little time you have to log in. We only ask that you be respectful to other member and helpful. 


Don't Be a Di... Jerk

Simple rule be respectful and lets have fun


Check Back Later
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