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Cooking Recipes, recipes via Discovery

Devs mentioned that discovering New Recipes will often require looting or "discovering" them in the wild.  Now I can imagine discovering a new recipe on potion making by linking a Giant Mushroom-Troll, or by stumbling on a hidden treasure chest with a Blueprint for a chest piece...but for food?

I can't imagine killing a Dragon and looting the recipe for Apple Pie, or stumbling across a recipe for 3 Cheese Pasta nailed to a tree.  It's an absolutely ridiculous way to discover recipes. sounds fun, but it isn't how I would imagine cooking should work.

I think a system of discovery through WORLD EXPLORATION and EXPERIMENTATION would be much better.  I would hate to have to wander the woods looking for a random lucky recipe, but I would LOVE having to learn new dishes by visiting new cities in new Biomes and trying/decontrustcing the dishes to learn how they were made.  Perhaps even having to have another chef 'show' me how it is made!

Point is, a different system for learning cooking recipes should be used instead of simply looting the recipes from raid bosses.  Tried and True, yes.  As fun as having to explore and discover the recipes yourself, nope.

tl;dr, Learn Cooking via discovery, either experimentation or by visiting different regions to learn the local dishes.  Do not learn cooking by stumbling across the Recipe in the woods like the other ones, or by looting it from a boss.


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    Actually I would love looting an apple pie recipe from a dragon, that probably destroyed a bakery.  Or someone who posted a 3 cheese pasta recipe to a tree in frustration.  Or a secret recipe hidden away in a lost chest that a master chief was trying to hide before everyone needed to leave Verra.  I love serendipity in how things like this might work.
  • Taking into account the fact that it is a fantasy game then we could have a dragon/or his treasure drop a recepie for Dragon steak ? 
  • Actually, how about a Cooking System where each player learns recipes by randomly combining ingredients in different proportions until something is learned?

    Sure you could always google a guide and cheat....UNLESS there is an invisible dice roll and each player has semi-unique hidden recipes to learn.

    Example, to make bread, combine Tier 1 Ingredients: Flour, Water, Yeast.

    3 different players would need different proportions of each that they "discover" by experimenting.

    All the devs have to do is balance the invisible dice rolls so that each player has similar production costs to the variations.
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