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The Chronicles [Cross-Gaming RP Community]

Hello glorious Ashes of Creation roleplaying community! I'd like to let you all know about an RP community that is what a community is supposed to be, not one guild with branches, but a network of different guilds and roleplayers!

At its core, The Chronicles [CHRP] is a community. A community for roleplayers and roleplaying guilds alike, a home where roleplayers can stop and figure out what game they want to roleplay in and what guild they want to roleplay with. All experienced roleplayers know the frustration of finding an RP guild in a game they like and invest time in building their backstory and progression for their characters only to get so many obstacles thrown in their way that they’re left with only one choice: to leave their guild and start over. It can be due to drama, lack of experience of the officers in their guild, lack of content or player activity, we’ve all been through this and we’ve all be frustrated by this apparent void in the gaming community for roleplayers.

The Chronicles is here to propose a solution to that problem. We are a community of multiples RP independent guilds across different games and we seek to build a social network for roleplayers, a network where they can find guilds that have been vetted based on high standards (quality of RP, good management, consistent roleplay events, etc.) to give an opportunity for the roleplayers to find a home, or multiple homes, to RP in and not waste their time “guild-jumping” in the search of a good community.

This gives an opportunity for lots of different kinds of RP and give a variety of games to avoid burning out on a single one. Some of the current games and guilds you are welcome to join within The Chronicles include:

  • Ashes of Creation (future), Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Warframe, Bless Online (soon).

  • Multiple D&D campaigns (D&D and Starfinder).

  • More to be announced in the future.

  • Or if you want to check things out and just hang out with us without wanting to join a guild, join us as an Independent Roleplayer for that community feel!

In the community, we try to keep a high standard of RP as all guilds work together to give anyone within the community great RP chances!

When there is no RP to be had, our members also play other games together such as Overwatch, League of Legends, or ARK: Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, and more to give another fun side of gaming to the community.

There are already many great roleplayers in this community and we'd love to see you there too! So if you want to learn more about The Chronicles, feel free to reach out on Discord to Pacha51#3232 and Korupcia#0070, who are both board members of CHRP and if you have any specific guild questions, we can direct you to the leadership of that guild! Also feel free to join the website and peek at our calendar to get a good idea of this community!

See you there, glorious roleplayers!

Our website

Our calendar


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    Welcome to AoC CHRP!
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    Thank you Anduin!
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    edited May 2018
    We are also currently working with a few independent RP guilds within the Chronicles to make an Ashes of Creation D&D/Pathfinder campaign set before the portals opened the way back to Verra! It's still a work in progress, but once it's done, the campaign will be ongoing till the game comes out and the portals open!
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    Being a community of independent guilds that are still happy to work together for RP is a great chance to have both community and independence in how you want to tell your stories. Its always so refreshing to have a "community" that isn't low-key just one big guild. ^^; 
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    Our community keeps growing and we're so proud to be able to offer roleplaying experiences to all roleplayers, those currently playing different MMOs but also those patiently waiting for Ashes of Creation.

    The more the merrier they say, and they aren't wrong! (As long as there's a pleasant atmosphere, of course)
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