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UK Site?

Morning Morning!

I was wondering if there will ever be a or a EN/EU official site with shop/forum? 

Also if users are purchasing the pre-release bundles will they unlock the ability to play on EU servers? (Hense why I think a UK site will clear these things up) Also it makes general forums easier if the site is country/region bound IMO xD

Keep up the great work as always x



  • [03:07] Are there any plans to bring AOC to other regions?

    1. This is a really great question, and makes an excellent point. We’re far from making any sort of final decisions about this, but as you state, technology has come a long way from even ten years ago, and that makes these decisions a lot easier.
    2. In broad strokes, out preliminary investigations reveal that we can run and manage overseas servers cost effectively, which is good, because those expenses used to be a real hurdle to get over, especially for a smaller studio like ours.
    3. As long as we get a critical mass of interest in a region, we’ll be looking to open up servers in that region. The only other sticking point is that or ability to do this will depend heavily on local laws and regulations. Some places are much easier than others to expand into, so we’re looking toward partnerships that will help us navigate those particular waters.
    4. In short, Yes, we almost certainly will have international servers available, but we don’t know yet where and when. As we know more, we’ll share more with the community!

    Are we considering a server specifically in their region?

    • [23:29]
    • Steven: Yes.
    • Jeffrey: Yeah, we're gonna have regional servers, and we plan on going after where our player base is. We don't want to have people tell netting in all the way from across the ocean.
    • Peter: We'll be very aware of latency issues. That's definitely something on on our minds.

    10. [12:08] Q: Are the servers going to be region based? Like NA/EU

    A: The plan is to have them region based. We’re working with various data centers to work out deals. I know we’re planning on having NA/EU/OCE servers we’re looking at where else we can expand and what makes sense for us.

  • SO as long its open worldwide, it'll be a nice to see perspective of Ashes. And the chances to meet & chat to people  :)

    But after the client-side/ servers seems adequate enough for players of other countries to login to different server .
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