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Town Generation

Afternoon All,

With Town Generation occurring when certain areas of the world are used the most do you think there will be just one standard format of town?  

It'll be cool if Players decided to try and grow a community at the base of a mountain and a Helms Deep kind of town grew, also fishing villages by a lake/sea or a mining village near a ore rich cave. 

It'll be cool to have proper settlements that change its shape and setting based on where it actually is.

Also I believe there needs to be a 'Lone Wolf' option. Not everyone is comfortable living within a town/district so I think adding the ability to set up a camp would be neat! Of course by setting up a simple camp would make your little set up an easy raid!

Sound off your thoughts below! What would you like to see the Devs implement? 


  • We will see them implement what they have promised. While the legendary Nodes 3 may add more information, they have been pretty clear how city formation will occur and work.
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    Let discussions/Brain Storming and Ideas flow for the love of god!
  • Rivux said:
    Let discussions/Brain Storming and Ideas flow for the love of god!
    You called
  • I think there's two perspectives to consider here, first is like you said, layout, but in my mind that's more of what is in a town--amenities, services, etc--then there's the appearance, which may be simply artistic rather than functional.

    I also do not know exactly how a node goes from wilderness to level 1, then 2. Is it simply resource gathering? Is it killing mobs in the area? Is it crafting and harvesting things in the node? Players fighting each other? Perhaps all of the above. So for example, what if there's a particularly amazing spot to fish. Lots of people go there to fish. Eventually, so many fish are caught in this node, a level 1 town pops up. 

    What buildings does it have? What I think would be fun is if what services a town provides is directly related to what caused the node to level in the first place. If this node connects to the sea, then it ought to have a dock. There ought to be merchants to sell fish to. Cooks to cook them, crafters to make potions or whatever. I would not expect to see a gladiator pit for pvp to take place. 

    Then there is the artistic side. I vaguely recall hearing in livestream or something about if a certain race 'contributes' the most (whatever that means), the aesthetic takes on a leaning toward that race.

    All of this is of course limited by design time. How much time can be devoted to making a version of a fishing shack for every single race and in every climate? More is better I would say, so that you'd almost never see two of the same within a very long distance, but I'm willing to compromise on art temporarily as long as what is in the town makes sense. No PvP arena pits in a fishing town, unless that town was forged in bloodshed over a fishing pond, so that the water ran red.

  • Well we have been provided with plenty of information and we just have to wait for more, I'd like for the settlement to be placed depending on node location so Sea access = Port town style.
  • We will see them implement what they have promised. While the legendary Nodes 3 may add more information, they have been pretty clear how city formation will occur and work.
    Like how you call it legendary. Nodes 3 is basically a myth at this point. We all have heard of it. We all expect it. But alas, it will never happen ... :(     (i mean it will happen but it is basically a legend at this point)
    • We know there will be coastal towns/cities in coastal nodes and on islands.
    • We know the town will have an artistic style relevant to the race that contributes most to the nodes development - and that this can change between each node level.
    • We know that the number and location of nodes is fixed at launch.
    also think it's safe to assume that the placement of the town in the node itself is fixed, and that this exact placement is first known then the nodes reaches level 1.

    Implementation wise, I would think it is easiest to build a "node generator" for a flat, plains area. However, like you, I also hope they are able to build nodes that integrate with different landscape, i.e. rivers, hills, forests, mountains, etc., and that different towns really feels different.

    P.S. Related to your "lone wolf" comment, search for "freehold". I think this fits perfectly with your wishes :)
  • I hope node placement effects strategy as much as it effects economy. Like i understand that a coastal node may affect produce (more fish for example) but needs defending from potential land and sea threats. It would be nice for things like helms deep to exist such as a node that arises at a mountain side only needs 2 walls to be defended because the other 2 walls are part of the mountain
  • I believe they said the player run Govt. it will be able to change the amounts and types of buildings available.

    So...the devs might be the ones making the layouts and the PRG choice of buildings simply replaces an apartment with a Church or something like that.

    I highly doubt they will make a Sim City for the small percent that get to be Governors.
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