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Lets shake it up: Grouping

I wanted to do something a little different since topics are varied and we are sharing opinions...  I think we should bring out the creative side of us and share about the mechanics of grouping...  If you had to pick a few theme songs to represent grouping in AoC... What would your theme song be and why? 

I picked my theme because too many times we focus on what we benefit from and why not assist a "sister or brother in need" ...  Where you guys feel the concept of grouping falls short and what would you love AoC do with the mechanic to increase that "social" aspect without sacrificing quality... 

Another theme i could think of is... 

Cause we all know grouping needs a "touch of love" XD


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    edited May 2018
    Ok first off love the idea of a theme song so thanks for making this thread ^^

    As for my song, I would have to say this. One of my first D&D playthroughs took 3 years to finish and at the end will killed the arch dragon and the dm played this song. Ever since then I play this song when I'm fighting a hard boss in mmos its become our guild theme song for a while became this.

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