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[EU] - Ragnarok - Scandinavian(English speaking) Guild - PVX early - PVP EndGame

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The Guild is looking to start in the same way I always do in a new MMO, Level up, Gear up. Then to enjoy endgame content in all aspects, but with a focus on PVP content. Hopefully this is something you also has as a goal! 

- About me - 
I'm a experienced MMO player from WOW arena all the way to end game PVP in BDO. Not counting in the countless hours spent in B-Title MMO's and other competitive games like CSGO, Starcraft 2 and so on.
So for me Grinding towards a goal is not a issue, I Hope you who have the same Hardcore/Semi-hardcore mindset will enjoy some equal companions on the adventure this game can create for us!

(This introduction can change depending on how the game develops toward PVP content regarding Penalties or benefits for the Player "killers" The name is also up for a change)
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