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Multi Region Servers (option to have those included?)

I couldn’t find a thread with this topic yet, if there is, my apologies.

But I am wondering if it would be possible to have multi region servers included, next to regional servers. (Ofcourse i know, that you can always chose to play on another region.)

But In the early MMO days hardly any MMO had regional servers, so people from all over the world played on the same servers. For myself this meant that there were always people online, no matter what time it was. 

I always enjoyed those servers always more then the regional servers and there were hardly any problems stability/latency wise, they just worked.


  • Ummm...not sure what you are asking here. The servers will be physically located in their regions. People will choose to play on the ones nearest to them. Any game that has pvp as a strong element is always going to have people needing to play with the lowest latency. Where you choose to play is your choice, the servers are up 27/7 except for regular downtime of course. They could call them Worldwide server 1 and so on, but people from farther away regions aren't going to roll on them if there is a closer version with less latency.
  • @ Alkuzar I too remember those days of world wide servers and people coming together from all over the world to play a fantasy game.  That was a wonderful experience and part of the attraction of the internet.   When games turned to  regional servers it was very disappointing.   Yes I can understand the reasoning now, but it did take away some of the enjoyment!
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    RvR is the best oppurtunity for Global servers imo.  They allow for gankers, traders, questers, seiges, and generally everything to be happening anywhere anytime - contrast that with an NA server where most of it will be happening in th 5:00-11:00 prime time window.

    I remember my days of Naval Action, port battles would happen at 3 am and you'd have 80+ people, mostly NA, logging in to assist a scheduled battle a group of Aussies activated.

  • This topic is totally two sided coin. It is nice to play in server, which always feels steadily populated, however then there are less people at prime times than in regional servers. It will also be harder to arrange events by devs, because many times those will be happening at weird times to most of players, because of timezones. So think about a castle fight for example, this happens once in month, but you might have only few times in year possibility to join the battle. Also PvP in mind, those who lives far away from server have disadvantage, because of ping. 

    So even i like and i have played in worldwide server, i still think it is more reasonable to go with regional ones where America and Europe are separated for example. 
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