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Work stations, workers, work system, mount skills.

It might be a bit copying, but for me the bdo node system is to hire workers, place them, and feed them. You create your own farm. Do you have chariots, ships, etc, this is what I like, and I hope you find it here, or do you think it is stupid? Because I think if you add more features, you can not even copy. In addition, they save us a lot of time that the player should spend filling in with raw materials, not to mention that processing should be done for us.

Furthermore, they could be houses where we work with them or with them. Or a lot of work that is packed with lighter and more complicated recipes and mini-games during production so that it's not just enough to hold the button and ready the item. The mini games and the actual process would show you, for example, if you crash when crushing, for example, wheat and flour. There are many types of chariots, horses, these can be fitted with accessories to make it a better statu.

The mounts could have their abilities, statics such as a horse capable of a fast sprint, an elephant throwing a big one, rabbit jumping a huge, etc.

What do you think? Would you write to me? I would like to talk a bit about it, because I like this part of the game and stm mostly plays in this game.


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    If you take out the energy and do not make it p2w, would not it be worth considering? Or would I do with the loser players doing the work?
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    Or will this be like wow or other milliseconds? The bdo node systeme liked me because it was a novelty that you would not just tell what to get or go to the vendor to buy it, but to get things done, deal with your people, go to the farm and see that you grow, grow, etc. do not have to copy it , just have this feeling :).

    Do you think about the mounts, chariots, ships and their development on the mounts and their capabilities as well as the node system?
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