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Removed this video after getting death threats over errors.
Most likely will not proceed with making Ashes of Creation content.


  • Hey buddy some stuff is a little off. Many of the things you said are speculated are confirmed. And some stuff you separated are supposed to be the same thing, if you need someone to proofread your scripts let me know as I have no life and keep a pretty close eye on confirmed content. /feedback
  • Yeah, what @Zekethephoenix said. Some information you got just plain wrong, other information you changed from speculation to confirmed, other confirmed information you said was speculation. While I applaud your interest and taking the time to help promote a game you are interested in, doing basic research rather than just winging it help those of us who hang out here trying to keep people from just going off on tangents spreading false information. I didn't even bother to finish the video after the fourth or fifth error. "Monster coins allow a player to summon an event......." If you want to make "What is...." videos please ask someone here to help you with known information. If you don't like that other "players" on the forums are your source of info, contact one of the moderators as it is in everyones best interest to not spread false information.

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