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    Hey, i hope you will talk with French Streamers (or European) to pay them to play Ashes and extend our comunity. I hope there will be a good and large french comunity, so i advise you to contact Zerator (Fr), it'll be the best way to improve the number of french knowing this so beautifull game. (i personaly talk of Ashes to a lot of French players, but i don't think that i can convince them)
  • Intrepid Studios has set up a Content Creators program ( for working with Streamers, YouTubers etc. Interested participants can find more detail in the link. in regards to working with various regions and spoken languages, there have been several applicants who fall into the non-English language category and are in current considerations.
  • i wont say partnership, but only special operation.
    I think that "Become a regular YouTube content creator / Streamer with new videos that showcase the world of Ashes and captivate your audience." will not attract big streamers.
    thx for answering my question.
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