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The fine art, of skulduggery & being a Scoundrel!

Hello there one an all!

So I know there will be traps in the game, I was wondering if anyone might happen to know what other tools an tricks rogues and other sneaky characters might have to play with?

1) Is there Stealth?
2) Is there the ability to disguise yourself as another person, city guard of a rival city in example?
3) Is there pick pocketing/Pick Locking?
4) Is there drug and poison use?
5) Is it possible to stealth kill npcs, back stabbing, garroting, placing a poison apple in their pocket?
6) Is there anything like speachcraft with interaction with npcs, in example bluffing, diplomacy, intimidation, misinformation planting? 
7) Can we make things like smoke bombs, blinding powder?
8)Can we do business with shady businessmen and woman, smugglers, fences, black markets?
9)Can we be shady businessmen and woman our selves, being the smugglers, the fences and opening a black market?
10) What would you love to see in game for your sneaky characters?


  • 1. Yes, Stealth mechanics confirmed, but very little known.
    2. Unknown
    3. No on pickpocketing other players. No confirmed denial of npcs in the future via expansions. Lock picking has no info also.
    4. There will be food buffs and alcohol. Nothing mentioned so far about negative effects and player poison use.
    5. No confirmed npc assassination mechanic.
    6. Nothing shown yet.
    7. Crafting has very little info released, but will have breadth and depth, so possibly.
    8. Might be expansion material down the line. Nothing confirmed so far about npcs. The intention is for the economy to be mainly player run.
    9. I guess you could if there was a product that your particular mayor had banned. All depends on what they go with for player made justice and so on. There will not be player jail.
    10. To early to tell. Whatever they can do and balance in the timeframe they have given themselves will be fine. Most of the sneaky stuff will come later down the line after they get some of the promised stretch goal content done.

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