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Need emergancy refund.

Hey there

Iv put in a request to get a refund on my pre order as money issues have arised all of a sudden. Was jus wondering how long it tales to get processed as i need it asap for emergancy.



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    We do not have access to that information. This will need to be resolved between yourself and Intrepid.
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    So just gotta sit and wait for supports reply?
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    As Lex, and the board description depict, volunteer moderators do not have access to ZenDesk, not do they participate in the Cash Shop, Account level or website support model. You will need to work directly with Intrepid via the ticket system.

    Thank you,

    Should you find that you need assistance with your account, the webstore or a purchase (Kickstarter, SummerSale or current package offerings) please open a ZenDesk ticket with Intrepid CS team. You can submit a support ticket directly to Intrepid Studios as follows:

    1. Navigate to 
    2. Locate the Support gem icon at the bottom right of the home page. 
    3. Enter keywords relating to your support issue in the search box. 
    4. A list of responses will be shown. If none of the responses answers your query then click on the "Contact us" button at the bottom of the page. 
    ***Further instruction can be located here - if you are still having an issue. 
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