City growth

was listening to the creative director talk through his stream on the episode where he visits the node and he breifly spoke of an intriguing and immersive mechanic wherein whichever race contributes the most towards the next node level up, the city’s design will be based around the architecture of the ‘winning’ race (for lack of a better term).

I was thinking about how amazing the idea is but I wonder could it be expanded further? Does the idea of the Next greatest contributor towards the nodes next development stage having a small section in the city in their architecture sound like too much of a stretch? Obviously one can take this idea too far into nuance (third place, fourth place,etc.) but don’t the devs have to design Each node’s city appearance in each races design at every level any way? What if you left like a quarter of whatever city design blank for the next greatest contributor and (in simple terms) copy paste the aforementioned design in place.
the baseline for the quarter presence is like 30-49 percent, just so if the next greatest was two percent they wouldn’t get the quarter.  

Thoughts? The value of uniqueness of each city outweigh the immersion this could bring?


  • Ah also to take it to an extreme, what if each nodes city level had 1/5 of the previous architectural design? So at metropolis it could potentially be 2/5ths other integrated architecture. 
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