Siege Idea (blockade or military) option?

I had this idea so when you declare a siege on a node days in advance, what if you can choose between a military siege or blockade. The difference is that a military siege will last a couple of hours but costs a lot more and if your successful a lot quicker achievement but it will de-level the node and destroy/raze everything. Where as if you choose to blockade a node, it won't cost you as much but can last days and weeks until the defending metropolis or city reaches 0 income and reach starvation.

At his point, the defending owner will hand over the metropolis intact but with a new owner or guild governing it. And maybe even have the option to choose what type of metropolis he wants to convert it to.

The way blockade would work is, you would make the surrounding areas of the metropolis or city like a battleground which will essentially flag everyone as a combatant. And if you are able to control all 50 entry points at the same time plus some mines and resource points in a certain amount of time you will starve the city and win. Now this could take a day to weeks depending on how fast you can starve the city. As long as you control 1 entry point or 1 resource the blockade will continue until the defending guild or citizens successfully own everything again.

This was a rough sketch of an idea, maybe some things missing. Any thoughts?


  • Thoughts? Yeah, while it fills the pvp mentality of fucking with other peoples fun, where it the incentive for people to be on the other side of your blockade? How much longevity do you think the game will have if people have to log in to weeks long pvp events just to defend something they have built. My opinion, because that is what you asked for, is let them implement what they have released so far as their plan.
  • I kinda think this compares to ganking and portal type camping.  Eventually people would just give up. Seriously why bother playing if a larger guild blocked your every move.  This is almost comparable to someone being captured and jailed by another player in Ark and never let out.  The only difference is in Ark the jailer might opt to continually feed the prisoner/player so he always logs on to being imprisoned. Yep real fun for the ganker.   
  • reminds me of base camping in rts games. you will break the person will to play before you break the city, unlike cadia. (the planet broke before the guard did)
  • uh no it reminds me of battlegrounds?
  • Valerian said:
    uh no it reminds me of battlegrounds?
    Even i love large scale PvP battles, i have to say, that i would not like to be forced to play one battle for weeks inside blockade. I can only imagine how game breaking this would be to PvE centric players or generally to peole who does not like this kind of large PvP action. Lets first see what already planned sieges will give us. 
  • ok so reduce the time to a few hours like a military siege
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