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"Adventure Under the Shining Suns!"[USA] [PVP] [PVE] [Economy]

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Welcome Future Adventurers of the Shining Suns. 

     We extend our battle ridden hands for you to join us in what we aim to be a GLORIOUS Adventure . Aimed at being a guild dedicated to exploring (and conquering!)  all this game has to offer. Allow me to tell you why you should join our guild over anybody else.  Every new game has many unanswered questions, we aim to solve these enigmas. Our guild has laid out goals some of which are stated below just to name a few.
1st: Being an Influence to a metropolis* (it's a massive goal but we can dream we can't do it without you!)
     2nd: Experimenting which classes are "best"
           3rd: Finding the best farming or grinding areas.
                   4th: Understanding the worlds economy.
                          5th: Growing our knowledge of the world and it's quests.

     Having certain goals and questions in mind gives our guild a sense of purpose and having one greatly increases a guilds sense of organization something that most guilds lack. On top of this we have in development a plan on what to do when we land in the game BEFORE it even launches. We hope to give everyone who joins our guild a sense of what they need to do when they first enter a new unfamiliar game, not leave them stranded and lost although we all will be in uncharted territory. 

  The Shining Suns Strive For EPICNESS!

What fun is a guild if we don't do things as a group? We fix this by scheduling frequent events as well as other techniques before hand to prepare the troops for activities some needed to do as a group and maybe some just for fun to see what can handle us ;)

The Shining Suns wish to accomplish much in this game and it wants all of you to be apart of it! Imagine being part of a guild that owns a metropolis. 

   WHO AM I?
My name is ArisingSuns. I am a twitch streamer who will be streaming this game a ton to record all of our accomplishments be sure to check out my channel at


Hope to see you there!


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