Weapon skill trees

Is this going to be like ESO style weapon progression of each type of weapon like one for (1-handed weapons, 2-handed weapons, bows/crossbows, staffs etc..)?


  • We know there will be progression, but at this point in time we don't know what form it will take.
  • Great question but like @T-Elf says...nothing known right now but excited to hear more about it. 
  • Most likely there will be weapon family progession. Thats the impression i got from latest Q&A video.
  • I didn't quite understand the progression type is going to be with regards to weapons, is it skills like for example (whirwind / cleave etc...) or is it more along the lines of improving your weapons with augments like for example ( frost damage that CC's target, or fire damage (status effect) or bleed etc..)
  • I guess its mix of all that. If i want to be a swordmaster, i need to use swords to get experience to sword tree and progress it further. Most likely i can unlock different kind of milestones, which are new abilities, new augments, different kind of passive bonuses, new sword types, dual wielding. Progression does not need to be straight forward (vertical), but more like tree with branches so players can progress different ways. So my wild guess is that we are going to see something like that. 
  • Hopefully something similar at least we know that weapons are not class locked.
  • I will guess it will be pretty simple - higher levels = more damage and accuracy, potentially a new skill or two.
  • There will be augments so in that way it can be similar to ESO. However this game will have a lot more augments from many sources.
  • Please add new character weapon animations as you move up the weapon progression tree. It could be used as a visual queue to differentiate specializations..
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