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Pvp provoke idea

If there is a Provoke skill. Saw this watching an anime. If a player ignores the provoke and attacks someone else they are open to a powerful counter attack from the player who did the provoke.
Have the Provoked player gain a redish mist on the edges of the screen so they can't miss that they've been voked and the voker would be highlighted with a glow. Once both have faded the Voked player can switch to a less armored target.


  • Ashes will have taunts in PvP.

    How they work is an unknown right now, but they will likely essentially provide the same function.
  • I would guess the standard damage reduction penalty....or prehaps they could go a bit more extreme and force your tab-targeting to attack the tank
  • In tOR taunts applied a significant damage reduction to the target to any damage done to anyone but the tank. That way they can still attack but were mostly useless to everything but the tank. EQ2 locked your target to the tank iirc.

    I do like taunts being useful in pvp and wouldn't mind either of these or any other useful methods of implicating it.
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