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Would you like to see a hardcore server in AoC?

            To explain further a Hardcore server would have various minor differences that will make the game play completely differently than the original version. These differences could include anything such as; more frequent node defense quests, Bosses having quicker or different skills that are more randomized, certain dungeons not allowing use of consumable items, shortened time frames between declaration of a siege to the partaking of the siege, or even taking away the regeneration of health and mana over time (leaving only food, potions, and skills being the only way to regen them).
          I do feel this would change how the game is played drastically, I also believe it would be something worth investing time into creating if the game is successful and players reach end game and wish for something more challenging. This wouldn't be something they would launch along side the standard servers but would be an awesome addition down the road.
         Anyways, tell me what you think, as well as some things that would make an mmorpg title tougher but at the same time fun.


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    I think it is an excellent option. Something that would make me think a little more before heading into battle without some strategery first!

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    Also change log out of combat to have a timer on your exit the game. Just to stop the I'm going to cheat death by bounc e out of the game. ...
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               ... Bosses having quicker or different skills that are more randomized,
    Have never truly liked the Ministry of Silly Walks bosses - "Get ready! Phase two in 3... 2... "

    Boss should look at the players they're facing and say to themselves "I see they have very few ranged dps. hmmm.... Think I'll go hang out on this teeny bit of land surrounded by lava."


    "Nothing but ranged dps? Time to play hide-and-seek/stomp-and-squish in the stalactite and stalagmite cavern"

    Just generally hate loot piñatas in general.

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