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Event Horizon Guild recruitment

Event Horizon is a BRAND NEW NA PVX Guild who will focus on quality members over a quantity of members. You must be 18 years old or older to apply. You do not have to do both PVP and PVE, you may choose to participate in just one. We are strictly against zerg guilds who recruit for numbers. Myself and the other GM (Quasar) had once apon a time fallen victim to zerg guilds or shady practices from previous guilds we were a part of. We love the idea of an active pvp and pve life. We will encourage banter and teasing but no rude or over the top behavior. We understand the fun that can come from people poking at each other in pvp/pve! Our guilds recruitment is fairly standard though. We will have you fill out a forum , join our Discord  and interview you. Then if we would like to proceed with you we will put you on a one month trial period to see if you are a fit for us. You will be more than welcome to participate in any guild activities or meetings that happen during your time as a trial member, in fact we encourage you do that! Your trial period is your time to show us dedication to guild activity! Currently we are playing Bless Online, you do not have to but it would help to establish yourself as a member of the guild and help us learn more about you as a person. As a guild we take all our members opinions and and ideas into account when making decisions that effect the guild! Down below you can read what our two GM's are like.

Pulsar, Adventurer of Diplomacy
Hi I'm Pulsar, I am a 18 year old college student. I have played Overwatch on a high competitive level, where it was my job to IGL (in game leading) I played on a bunch of teams and had success on most of them. I have been playing MMORPG's most of my child hood and now that I've retired from Overwatch I want to prove myself, and my guild. I am a competitive person and I will do what i can to better myself and my guild! In the guild i mostly focus on the foreign diplomacy and contact with other guilds!

Quasar, Guide of Travelers
Salutations! I'm Quasar. In real life I work in the healthcare field while in MMO type games I am a healer main. My primary past experience in MMOs include Perfect World (MY and International), WoW, and Rift. In all of those MMOs I've been in various leadership positions from recruiting to co-GM. I also was a moderator for a private server for Perfect World. Like Pulsar I also played Overwatch as a support main as well as managing semi-pro Overwatch teams.


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