Gaming in the meantime

While we are patiently awaiting the opening of the portals to Verra, I'm just going to say it would be fun to do some gaming with a few of you in the meantime. The ladders on Diablo 2 reset this evening. I'll be making a hardcore sorc. If anyone wants to join, hit me up. Old school i know, but it sure beats most of the crap out right now.


  • I have been playing Warframe in the meantime, if anyone else plays hit me up.
  • I've been playing Stellaris, total war Warhammer and Mordheim city of the Damned need to start planning taking over Verra somehow ^^
  • I have had a tough time finding anything...but that may be the point on why I am so looking forward to Ashes. 
  • Deeprock Galactic, Divinity 2! Divinity is so good. Try it if you haven't!
  • Yes divinity is a fantastic game ^^
  • I'm one of the <10k people still playing Bless...

    Hahaha no thank God I'm not playing that mess.

    I just ramped up my time spent in Hearts of Iron 4 and sampling the best low shelf bourbon.
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    sadly i do swtor. i don't like any of the changes made to it but i genuinely like the PvE difficulty - it really is better than most ... you just gotta dismiss the companions to truly experience the tough PvE   

    At most its barely decent
  • planetside2 has sucked me back in.
  • I have a billion games... none that are really interesting right now. I'm supposed to be leveling some toons up to 110 in wow but I haven't worked on that in weeks.
  • I'm running through BDO expanding my mmo horizons since its one of the last ones I haven't been through, after that I'll go back to wow for the BFA expansion launch 
  • Gothic 2 ;)
  • Gothic 2 ;)
    Never heard of that 
  • I acquired a mistress
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    I play mainly ESO currently. Im on the NA server. add me if your playing as well @CrazyCanukk
  • Been bouncing from game to game really.  Lot's of single player games, but ESO I guess would be my main MMO atm.
  • been playing the first MMO, WoW.
  • I start a new char in eso and test Bless online
    and lol 
    but most of the time dragon age or bladurs gate
  • Europa Universalis in the meantime
  • My go to game, EverQuest2.  EQ2 
  • Kotter said:
    been playing the first MMO, WoW.
    No, no, no young padawan. WoW is far from the first MMO :P
  • I am with @T-Elf Eq2 all the way
  • xschlemmx said:
    Gothic 2 ;)
    Never heard of that 
    Then you never heard of the rpg genre xD
  • Holy-Shiv said:
    Kotter said:
    been playing the first MMO, WoW.
    No, no, no young padawan. WoW is far from the first MMO :P
    I am sure it was the first MMO for a lot of people considering it was really the first mainstream MMO. 
  • Been weaving around various games over the last year or so: I tried Dark Souls 3 (Yep - I definitely died!); Fallout 4; No Man's Sky (I think it's finally improving!).

    Project Gorgon has captivated me the last 3 months or so - seems to be total freedom to play your own character with a huge no. of skills to develop as much or as little as you want. 
    And watching AoC here regularly of course as well as Chronicles of Elyria for the future, But work still keeps disrupting my gaming time...
  • Stellaris! \o/
  • Stellaris! \o/
    Always nice to see people playing Stellaris ^^
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