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Can I please have a response to my support ticket?

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Jun 12, 1:06 PM PDT

I recently purchased the voyager pack from your store in anticipation to play this game. However, since then I have been diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer. The likelyhood of me making it that long is pretty slim, even with chemo and radiation treatment. I writing this ticket to ask for a refund of my voyager pack. I created a ticket the other day but im not getting any response and I feel that an exception to your refund policy should at least be made considering my circumstances. I can provide proof of my diagnoses if you so desire. Please, I am fighting for my life here and I really don't want to fight with you guys as well. I'm not asking for much. Please reconsider for my case

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  • All webstore and account related support tickets and escalations are handled via ZenDesk and through email. As we discussed in discord, you will need to reply to the email generated for your support ticket for an escalation.

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