Will there in the game categories of game play for noobs and hardcore platers?

For axample :Hardmode where every player can growth and progress abilities and atteinmants of his character,like in the game The Elder Scrolls 

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    Quotes from the developers:

    People who put more time and effort into it are definitely going to get more out of it but that doesn't mean that person who logs in once a week won't be able to have fun so it's just a matter of the scale of stuff that you're going after

    There's a ton of room for difficulty on whatever scale... In a living world everything becomes much more difficult.
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    Devs only answer questions in Discord or the monthly livestream.

    If you're asking about hardmode - I'm pretty sure the answer is: no hardmode in Ashes.
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    Thank you
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    My brain hurts. 
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    Not sure if I'm understanding thing correctly but if it's about having a separate 'hardmore' then please no, the game has already been stated to have sufficient difficulty and not the standard leveld areas where you can safely progress furthermore there is no point in dividing players based on difficulty in an online game. Want difficulty ? try to solo a dungeon or some other seemingly impossible thing.
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    I think if you try to play the game entirely as a solo player, it will be more difficult.  From everything that has been said, people will progress more smoothly when they have established social networks in this game. Like was said above, the Twitch livesteams are a great source of info directly from the devs.  


  • Hi ,thank you but you answer to my quastion as the creaters of the Game,can You 
    concretized ,but not only by using the information frome site?

  • Thanks for answer,but i still hope that ashes will be able for all categories of players)

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    Excellent question Kerangar. Here is the link to AoC Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/ashesofcreation 
    These streams will have many answers to your questions. you see AoC is a Node base progression, meaning as players grow their abilities, crafts, weapons proficiency and all acts from all players increase that nodes level of difficulty, as the Node grows into a township and so on. With this in mind there will be many Nodes and all at different levels of difficulty at the same time, is my understanding from the information thus far. Hope this helps and if I errored in any information on AoC, please correct accordingly please and thank you.


  • Thanks all for help,but i mean hard game(mode) - player has some more priority(more exp,more gold,get better skills....
  • Everyone will play on the same types of servers with the same rulesets. Different servers will evolve different but that is by player activity.
  • This game isn't going to be easy, leveling will take a long time. Dungeons and raids will be difficult but the rewards will be so sweet. There will not be separate modes.

    As a comparison to ESO, I'm feeling there will be nothing like that in this game.
  • Thank you for help

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