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[420] NOW RECRUITING [18+][NA] - PvP / PvE | Economy Building | Nodes | Crafting and Progression

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What we focus on:
[420] focuses on Progression, PVP, and Economy Building through dominating nodes, crafting, and trading. PvP trips, caravan runs, and economy building within nodes will be a daily aspect of being a member in [420].

What we look for in members:
420 is looking for members who are...
Enjoy chatting on discord and helping each other learn
PvP and PvE lovers
Those who seek economic success within the AOC world
Long term members

Character Builds we need:

How do you join?
420 is open to most members, but to be accepted into the guild , you must send your application to Kush.


Guild Master - Kush

Commander - 2nd in command and in charge of both PvE and PvP Generals. In charge of the day to day operations if the Guild Master is not present.

PvE General - General in charge of PvE such as raids and group questing to help ours members advance quickly

PvP General - General in charge of PvP Battles of all Kind. Requires someone skilled in PvP and calling the shots in GvG/PvP operations.

Recruitment Officer - Leads Guild Member recruitment. Handles day to day recruitment and helps lead new recruits to become full members.

Quartermaster - Leads the day to day operation of guild members who are Farming, Crafting, etc : Job is to make sure the guild is gathering the supplies it needs to function.

Senior Member - A member who has proved themselves loyal to the Guild time and time again. These members enjoy special perks and have a say in Guild disputes.

Junior Member - A member who has passed the recruit phrase and is an official member of the Guild.

Recruit - Someone who is just joining the Guild. Has potential to move up the ranks.

Application Template:
Region -  [ NA/EU/JPN/ETC ]
Age - [Pref 18+]
Strong Aspects - [ What makes you a good fit for 420]
Where you see yourself within the clan - [ Leadership roll, crafter, PvP/PKer, etc ]
Main Character Class - [ Tank, Healer, DPS, etc ]
Discord - [Optional]
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