Guild Recruitment Thread Not Showing Up

Hello all.

I made a posting in the NA guild recruitment section and it seems to not be showing up.

The posting was showing up, but then I got a message that said i needed to wait till the post was approved to move forwards. I have not heard back from and mod or admin.

Also in the guild recruitment thread I made, embedded my guild logo just would not work, so I had to make a draft in another section ( where it was working just fine) and copy and paste it into the guild recruitment section. At this point, I received the message.

I am not sure if this was a bug or if moderation and approval of my post is just taking longer than expected, but could we get some clarity on this?


- Kush


  • Hi @Kush !

    The thread had flagged as spam! It's now approved and back where it should be! 

    Good luck with the recruitment!

    Diura x
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