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World Reset

Hi, just an idea. Would it be great to have a world reset
It'll get really boring when you're that high-level player, beating everything else.
Well maybe just to complement the node system, what would it be like when "events escalate", or and "impending doom" draws near that would trigger an all-out mayhem of sorts. New players by this time might well, have a hard time on the end-time. But when the game world draws to an end, it'll just reset. Poof. And we all start over again. New world, new places, new methods, new factions, etc.



  • There is already a game out there that has that mechanic planned. Crowfall. The "world reset" in Ashes will be achieved through the siege/destruction mechanic of nodes. Please do the relevant research concerning the development team considering the term "endgame" a dirty word they are trying to avoid. 
  • Thanks for the info! The node system sure excites!
  • As long as there will be no literal reset of the whole map it's good, using sieges to reset nodes is already good and with the world events there might be some possibilty of change (like the constant winter example that was given before).
  • Well somethimes in games there is somehing like lvl reset. When u are max lvl u can decide to do reset to gain additional ability/buff/stats/something xd
    Tbh its interesting system. 
    On the other hand hard reset would make most of the players drop this game..or well.. at least i would.
  • If you want to rest the world, all you need to do is claim every node/castle and make sure no one challenges you then you let the corruption grow till we have to leave again and ashes of creation 2 comes out ^^
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    Most events will be directly or indirectly driven by the playerbase. I wouldn't be surprised if there are going to be guilds or 'cults' dedicated to causing certain events. Like trying to destroy a metro just to level up another because it is foretold a dragon would appear and a different dungeon would open.
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