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How will battles that last for days handle off-peak hours?

I've never really played an open world PvP game, and I'm struggling to understand how a battle can last for days - particularly if a server is strictly North America, won't there be hours where there is practically no one online? What happens if a node has no players whatsoever online to defend it, but the attacking node organizes everyone going online at like 3am?


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    The actual siege battle won't last for days, probably only be for several hours.

    When you initiate a siege there is a setup period of 2-5 days (depending on node level) before siege actually begins and the node becomes vulnerable. This period allows attackers and defenders to get ready for the big event.

    Sieges will be set to only go active during peak hours for the server's region so people can't try to snipe them during off hours. 

    Here is some more information:
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    Like @McStackerson said. The intention is for sieges to only be scheduled during "peak" hours for that server location. For North America think early to late evening, what you call "prime time," so most likely the initiators of the siege would have a start window between 6-10pm. Sieges are planned for 2 hours atm. Will be adjusted during testing if that is too short or too long. This removes most of the whinging about "I didn't know there was a siege coming!" No, you had a few days to find out. If you aren't logging on at least every couple days, then you are not serious about your investment and have no right to rage. Siege will be during what is the majority of players peak time for that server. Will there always be that one guy who bitches and moans that he should be treated special because he can only play at 3am? Sure, but don't expect him to get very far.
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