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AOC Anthology Series Update-7/11/18

For those few followers of my content, I wanted to put out an update. 
I have not put out a podcast or a new story in a few weeks due to real life priorities. 
As of late, I have not had any motivation to create any new content for this community, so I apologize if you were waiting on me. 

I am also here to announce my hiatus from AOC content for while. Again I've had no motivation and I'm just not in a creative space to do so. As the game gets closer to Alpha 1 and PAX, I may have my itch back but no promises. 

Please enjoy all the current content my channel has to offer and spread it to any newcomers. Hope to be back making some content sometime soon. Thank for the continued support. 



  • Thanks for everything you have done @makinoji. I hope you come back soon as your content is always fantastic. Hope to see you soon with a newly found passion ^^
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