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LiveStream Gameplay vs PAX Gameplay

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Call it " Gameplay " or " in-game footage " either or ...

I like both , but the graphics/ visuals for LiveStream Gameplays for last year does look better - even the atmosphere gives-off better vibes. Whereas the PAX Gameplay .... the screen wasn't janky/ shuttering sporadically. Along with* the Mage's Character Model (temporarily ?) changed 

LiveStream Gameplay 
Really hope they bring back the Original Art-Design because everything just feels like it has more depth to it


  • I'd say that currently most of the stuff in the game is a placeholder since they are focusing on the technical side of things at the moment.

    They will also try to experiment with a lot of things so just sit tight :3 Though I can see why the earlier footage might be better in some peoples eyes ;)
  • How does it compare with what you've seen with your own eyes in A0?

    Not asking for any details just a verbal comparison to the two you covered above?
  • @Crymoar
     In all honesty, you can't really use Alpha Zero for comparison with any of this
  • Well, one was to show off at pax, and one was true to life gameplay, of course, there will be some differences. I would say what we have seen so far in alpha 0 is incredibly promising. I think we will have a "fun" time next month as they show of pvp *sigh*
  • Everything looking promising in my opinion but if i had to pick i'd say this Video feels a lot better than any recent vid or livestream:

    Anyone know if I'll be able to zoom in and play at that camera angle thats shown in this video cuz everything just feels so much more alive and beautiful like that.
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